Following are just a few of the projects the Youthdale Foundation is targeting with the donations it receives:

Riding Program

The Youthdale riding program demonstrates the power of sport, and exceptional volunteers. Click Here for more information about the Riding Program.

Family Therapy with Children in Residential Treatment

Youthdale Treatment Centres is incorporating evidence-based best practices in its clinical work with the families of children admitted to residential programs. The goal is to increase support for parents, individualize treatment plans for families, and build an evidence base for evaluating and improving family interventions.

The starting point is the McMaster Model of Family Functioning (MMFF), which focuses on healthy family functioning in six areas:

  • Problem-solving
  • Communication
  • Roles
  • Affective responsiveness
  • Affective involvement
  • Behaviour control

The model includes reliable family assessment tools that provide diagnostic and treatment outcome measures, refined clinical guidelines for individualized family therapy, and a broad user base that will eventually allow comparison with other children’s mental health services in North America.

Expected outcomes include:

  • Better engagement with families of complex needs children to ensure a positive treatment experience and maximum benefit for both parents and children
  • Improved family functioning across multiple domains
  • Increased efficiency as treatment resources are aligned with standardized assessments and specific practice guidelines
  • Knowledge transfer of evidence-based best practices in family therapy


Year 1: $50,000 for training and consultation
Year 2: $50,000 for consultation and program evaluation.

Youthdale Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous support of RBC Royal Bank that has made this program possible.

Youthdale Scholarship Fund

The age and nature of Youthdale’s clients often makes continuing education an essential yet unaffordable component of their post-treatment integration into society. The Youthdale Scholarship Fund would provide continuing education opportunities for graduates of Youthdale’s Residential Treatment Program.

The fund would provide up to two years tuition for college, university, or other accredited post-secondary educational or vocational training program for youth who have graduated from Youthdale.

Annual Budget $5,000

South Asian Children and Youth: Community Outreach and Development

Only one in six of Ontario youth who suffers from a mental health problem receives any form of treatment for their disorder. Youthdale’s needs assessment suggests this gap between need and access to professional assistance is even greater in the South Asian community, Canada’s fastest growing immigrant population and now largest visible minority.

Youthdale will partner with South Asian community social services agencies to enhance their capacity to recognize and treat youth mental illness, and access intensive services. Activities include:

  • Co-presenting of parent information discussions and community meetings
  • Child development and mental health workshops for community and school staff
  • Placement of community outreach workers with Youthdale’s mobile Crisis Support Team
  • Development of a joint mobile crisis response system

This partnership will also enhance Youthdale’s capacity to respond to South Asian children and youth, and their families.

Budget (two years – professional hours, salaries, administration) $127,200

Youthdale Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous support of TD Canada Trust that has made this program possible.

Youthdale International Symposium on Neurodevelopmental Science

As part of its 40th anniversary celebration in 2009, Youthdale Treatment Centres will establish an annual international symposium on neurodevelopmental science. The symposium will bring together physicians and researchers from around the world to promote evidence-based best practices in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of neurodevelopmental disorders in children and adolescents.

Our multidisciplinary approach will integrate the latest thinking and research findings in child neurodevelopment, genetics, endocrinology, sleep, psychopharmacology and related disciplines, and ensure this knowledge is transferred to the benefit of children and youth in Ontario and worldwide.

Budget (annual, with possible naming opportunity if an endowment) $30,000

Telepsychiatry Program

Youthdale provides a telepsychiatry program to assist family and medical professionals in under-served communities in Northern Ontario and across the province. This innovative program supports the efforts of other service providers with high risk and complex needs children.

Thanks to the support of Youthdale Foundation contributors, this program is already making a difference in the lives of children and families in northern and remote communities. Additional support will enhance this important service and enable staff to train other potential rural area users on how to take advantage of this resource.

Budget (one staff member to increase program reach) $80,000

Youthdale Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous support of TELUS that has made this program possible.