Professor of Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry

The Youthdale Foundation's campaign to endow a Professor of Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry is the latest step in our continuing commitment to improve the lives of children with neuropsychiatric problems.

After 40 years experience helping children with every imaginable mental health problem, Youthdale understands that children with neuropsychiatric problems are among the least understood and least served by current medical and psychosocial interventions.

One in ten children suffers from a neuropsychiatric problem.

Neuropsychiatric problems are among the most costly of childhood disorders, for the family and society charged with managing these children's difficulties, and for the individual in terms of lost income over their lifetime.

Children with neuropsychiatric problems often exhibit complex combinations of emotional, behavioural, and cognitive difficulties that defy any simple diagnostic or therapeutic treatment. Early diagnosis and treatment can improve outcomes and prevent a great deal of suffering.

With $1,000,000 already committed, Youthdale is partnering with the University Health Network in Toronto to raise matching funds totaling $4 - 5 million to endow a Professorship of Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry at the University of Toronto and support a world-class research, academic, and service-oriented program to benefit high risk children.

Now’s the time for major breakthroughs.

Experts in neuropsychiatry agree that advances in scientific technology, molecular biology, and psychopharmacology are about to revolutionize the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders in children.

The Professor will collaborate with other medical specialists to integrate developments in the neurosciences with the delivery of clinical services, will train students of child psychiatry, neurology, neurobiology, and neuropsychology, and will promote collaborative research and clinical work among graduates of the University of Toronto.

Youthdale’s partnership with the Toronto Western Hospital (TWH) will also ensure the Professor of Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry has access to the state-of-the-art technology to treat the most challenging cases.

Working together Youthdale, Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation, the University Health Network, and the University of Toronto will help lead advances in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood neuropsychiatric disorders.

Additional information about our campaign to endow a Professorship in Neurodevelopmental Psychiatry is available for download in pdf format